The Late Hour (2002) for baritone, viola, cello, and percussion


Unfortunately, I am unable to make perusal scores or recordings of this work available online. Please contact me to obtain these materials.




percussion : vibraphone, crotales, and glockenspiel

text by Mark Strand

Duration: 7 minutes


Mark Strand's poem, "Another Place," from his book The Late Hour (1978), fascinates me because it combines simple and concise language with a complex and subtle structure. Any single line taken on its own might seem simplistic or banal. But put together, these simple building blocks create a rich narrative that somehow seems at once linear, symmetrical, and circular.

The Late Hour was written for Royaumont Voix Nouvelles.

Performance History

  • Royaumont Voix Nouvelles (France)
members of the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam) and Les Jeunes Solistes (Paris)
Jean-Christophe Jacques, baritone; Frank Brakkee, viola; Jeroen de Herder, cello; Herman Halewijn, percussion; Rachid Safir, conductor
(September 2002)
  • BargeMusic (New York)
Ryan Dohoney, baritone; Miranda Sielaff, viola; Tomoko Fujita, cello; Sam Solomon, percussion (December 2004)
  • Columbia Composers (New York)
Ryan Dohoney, baritone; Miranda Sielaff, viola; Joanne Lin, cello; Sam Solomon, percussion (February 2005)