Saxophone Etudes (2011), solo saxophone and audience participation


Watch a brief video about massMobile, the framework for mass audience participation via smartphones that Saxophone Etudes employs.


with Stephen Garrett, Nathan Weitzner, Anosh Daruwalla, and Yan-Ling Chen

for solo saxophone (any voice) with audience participation via mobile phones

Duration: approximately 8 minutes

Please contact me for performance materials.


In Saxophone Etudes, the concert audience influences the music played by the saxophonist during each live performance. Audience members use their smartphones to collectively shape musical factors such as tempo, dynamics, and articulations. The input from the audience is displayed to the saxophonist on a laptop screen, guiding her decisions as she plays the score. In this manner, audience members collaborate with the saxophonist and with each other to shape the music played in each unique performance.

Saxophone Etudes uses massMobile, a smartphone participation system developed by Jason Freeman, Stephen Garrett, Nathan Weitzner, Yan-Ling Chen, Shaoduo Xie, Weibin Shen, Anosh Daruwalla, and Sriram Viswanathan at the Georiga Tech Center for Music Technology. Its development was supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation as part of a larger research project on musical improvisation in performance and education (NSF CreativeIT #0855758). It was written for Jan Berry Baker.

Performance History

Jan Berry Baker and Bent Frequency, Atlanta, May 11, 2012.

Jan Berry Baker, Georgia State University at the Goat Farm, Atlanta, April 23, 2012.