hello.world, live coding performance (2007)


for laptop, video projection, and optional live video processing

Duration: 10-60 minutes

Check back soon for a performance video of this work.


In hello.world, I begin the performance with a blank laptop screen and write code in the ChucK programming language, on-the-fly in concert, to algorithmically generate all of the music. A video projector shares my screen with the audience so they can follow along with my performance.

An optional live video processing component, developed by Liubo Borissov, transforms the video projection based on my keystrokes and mouse movements, gradually changing the projected screen from plain text into an artistic visualization of my performance.

Performance History

Sommerfest (Stuttgart, Germany) at Akademie Schloss Solitude. July 2006.

Serial Underground (New York). February 2007.

Listening Machines (Atlanta). With Liubo Borissov, live video processing. April 2007.