disc-o (2002) software

interactive, networkable multimedia educational software for Windows

created with douglas repetto


disc-o is a set of software programs ("modules") that modify sounds and images by using a computer simulation of a physical system. The main disc-o-master program builds a virtual world where magnetic discs float on a pool of water. You can add and remove discs, change their appearance and behavior, and also change the properties of the world.

What does this mean? Basically, it allows users to explore "physical" properties like magnetism, gravity and motion; transforming the information resulting from these actions into music and art. disc-o is also interesting in that it can be run over the Internet, allowing kids to interact with each other from different geographical locations.

disc-o was developed for the JP Morgan Chase Kids Digital Movement and Sound Project (though adults will enjoy it too!). Douglas Repetto conceived of the project and implemented the server and most of the modules. I just contributed some of the disc-o modules and a few other odds and ends.

To download disc-o, as well as the other components of the JP Morgan Chase Kids Digital Movement and Sound Project, and to access complete project descriptions and documentation, visit the official JP Morgan Kids Digital Movement and Sound Project site.