In SGLC, laptop musicians use the LOLC textual performance interface to create, share, borrow, and transform musical motives based on a collection of pre-composed score fragments. As the laptop players create these motives, they are displayed on computer monitors as real-time music notation that instrumental musicians must sight-read during the performance. This unusual setup encourages all of the musicians to share their musical ideas with each other, developing an improvisational conversation over time. SGLC, as well as the LOLC software environment it employs, is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation as part of a larger research project on musical improvisation in performance and education (NSF CreativeIT #0855758). It was written for Sonic Generator, the contemporary music ensemble in residence at Georgia Tech. 

Jason Freeman, Akito Van Troyer, Andrew Colella, Sang Won Lee, Shannon Yao, and Jung-Bin Yim developed the LOLC software it employs; Andrew and Sang Won in particular helped develop the music notation components of it that were created specifically for SGLC.