Recent Events

Below are some recent events. There is also a listing of upcoming events.

For information about even older events, please look at my c.v.

Grow Old at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Grow Old is on exhibit at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts through November 15, 2015.

Bending the Arc at Flux Night

Together with Gerard Roma and Anna Xambó, I’ve done the interactive sound design for Bending the Arc, a temporary public art exhibition created by Jennifer Wen Ma that will be presented in Atlanta at Flux Night 2015. November 7, 2015, 7 pm - midnight.

Innovative Tools and Methods to Teach Music and Signal Processing

I am an invited speaker at this conference organized by CIEREC EA-3068 and GRAMT at Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne France, November 2-3, 2015. I will be speaking about EarSketch.

Sonic Generator and Ensemble Variances

Sonic Generator and Ensemble Variances present a joint concert as part of France-Atlanta 2015. November 9, 2015, 8 pm at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech. Free admission.

Shadows Premiere Performances

Melvin Chen will premiere Shadows in two performances: at Bard College on November 30th and at Yale University on December 2nd.

Web Audio Conference 2016

I am chairing the 2016 Web Audio Conference, which takes place April 4-6, 2016 at Georgia Tech.

Graph Theory at the Ferst Center

Helen Kim of Sonic Generator performed Graph Theory at the Ferst Center for the Arts in November, 2013, as part of a concert by Sonic Generator and L’Orchestre National de Lorraine for the France Atlanta festival.

Graph Theory at L'Arsenal

Helen Kim of Sonic Generator performed Graph Theory at L’Arsenal in Metz, France, in February 2014 as part of a concert by Sonic Generator and L’Orchestre National de Lorraine.


MTRX was performed by the Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra on April 17th, 2014 at the Goat Farm Arts Center on a concert that includes music by John Gibson and by Georgia Tech music technology students. Full details…

Lullaby for Growing Old with Sonic Generator

Lullaby for Growing Old was performed by Sonic Generator’s Tim Whitehead at Erikson Clock in Atlanta on May 14, 2014.

Grow Old release

My ever-evolving, streaming-only EP Grow Old was released on on May 14, 2014.


I presented a paper and workshop about EarSketch at the annual ACM SIGSCE conference on computer science education in March 2014.

Teamwork at Georgia Tech Basketball

Teamwork, an interactive experience I created in collaboration with students in my lab (Shaoduo Xie, Weibin Shen, Nathan Weitzner, and Yan-Ling Chen) and our massMobile system, enables fans at sporting events to influence how the band plays music through their mobile phones.

Come see it at four Georgia Tech basketball games with the GT pep band at the new McCamish Pavillion: January 31, 2013 at 7 pm (women's), February 3, 2013 at 3 pm (men's), February 27th at 8 pm (men's), and February 28th at 7 pm (women's). Details on the games and tickets are here. (It's during halftime.)

LOLC at ZeroSpace

LOLC was performed at Zerospace at the University of Virginia on February 19, 2013 at 7 pm. It is a multi-location performance involving musicians from MICE at UVa and musicians from the MS program in music technology at Georgia Tech (and me). More info…

Sketching with the Georgia Tech Jazz Ensemble

Sketching, an interactive experience I created in collaboration with students in my lab (Shaoduo Xie, Weibin Shen, Nathan Weitzner, and Yan-Ling Chen) and our massMobile system, enables audience members to collaboratively draw a graphical score that guides the improvisation of an ensemble of musicians.

Come see it performed by the Georgia Tech Jazz Ensemble at the Ferst Center for the Performing Arts at Georgia Tech on Sunday, February 24, 2013. The concert also features the GT Symphony Orchestra. Details are here.

A subsequent performance was held on April 17th, 2013 at Under the Couch.


On Saturday, April 20th, at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech, Ethel premiered ETHL, a new work I'm writing in collaboration with them for string quartet and laptop quartet, using the LOLC software environment my lab has created over the last few years. More info…

MTRX at Wesleyan University

The Wesleyan University laptop orchestra will premiere a new work, MTRX, that combines the LOLC software environment my lab has developed over the past few years with sounds collected by people all around Middletown using UrbanRemix. The performance takes place on May 11, 2013. More info…

Piano Etudes in Prague

Hubert Ho performed some of my Piano Etudes on a concert in Prague on October 17, 2012, as part of the Jiné Pohledy Festival. More…

Piano Etudes in Miami

Marta Brankovic performed my Piano Etudes on September 8, 2012, in Miami, Florida. More…

Locrian Chamber Players

The Locrian Chamber Players performed Piano Etudes on May 31, 2012 at Riverside Church in New York. Full details are on their web site.

Saxophone Etudes

In May 2012, Jan Berry Baker performed Saxophone Etudes, a new work for solo saxophone with live audience participation. The concert is presented by Atlanta's Bent Frequency. More info…

UrbanRemix with Jade Simmons

Pianist Jade Simmons used UrbanRemix in a new performance work at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech. The culminating concert took place February 18, 2012 at the Ferst Center. More info…

Drawn Together

Drawn Together, an interactive multimedia installation created by Georgia Tech faculty and students (including myself) in collaboration with the Open Ended Group, was exhibited at the Stubbins Gallery at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture beginning February 15, 2012. The opening reception took place at 7 pm on February 15.


Sonic Generator premiered a new work, based on the LOLC software environment, combining improvising laptop musicians with acoustic instrumental players through real-time music notation. The free concert took place Tuesday, February 7th, 2012, 8 pm at the Rich Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. More info…

GSU Percussion Ensemble

The Georgia State University Percussion Ensemble performed my quartet, Leroy Anderson Went to Harvard, at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts in Atlanta on November 15, 2011.

Creativity and Cognition Conference

My students and I performed LOLC at the ACM Creativity and Cognition conference, held at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta Nov. 3-6, 2011. Our performance won the conference's Best Artwork award.

Sonic Festival

At Sonic, a new music festival in New York City presented by the American Composers Orchestra, UrbanRemix was the focus of multiple educational outreach workshops, public participation, and a live concert performance at Roulette on Friday, Oct. 21, 2011.

Real-Time Notation at ISEA 2011

At ISEA 2011 in Istanbul (Sept. 15 and 16, 2011), I co-chaired a panel on real-time music notation titled Chasing Ghosts, taught a workshop on LOLC, and presented a paper on UrbanRemix. My Piano Etudes was also performed.


LOLC will be performed at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference in Oslo at the end of May 2011. More info…

UrbanRemix in Times Square

UrbanRemix will be presented  in Times Square in New York City in April and May 2011, in collaboration with the Times Square Arts Alliance. Check back here soon for full details.

Graph Theory at the KSU New Music Festival

Helen Kim will perform Graph Theory at the Kennesaw State University New Music Festival's. The concert takes place on Wednesday, March 30th @ 8 pm at the Bailey Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. More info…

Wiener Tage KlavierMusik

I will be a guest composer at the Wiener Tage Der Zeitgenössischen Klaviermusik at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna from February 7-10, 2011. More info…

Sonic Generator

Sonic Generator will perform both Piano Etudes and LOLC on its free January 24, 2011 performance at the Woodruff Arts Center's Rich Theatre. More info…

LOLC At FutureFest

Some students of mine performed LOLC, a live-coding work for laptop ensemble, at Georgia Tech's FutureFest conference on October 5, 2010. I created the piece in collaboration with my student Akito Van Troyer. More info and video…

Jenny Lin at Portland Piano International

Jenny Lin will play some of my Piano Etudes at Portland Piano International, July 14, 2010 in Portland, Oregon. More info…

Urban Remix at Art on the Beltline

Urban Remix will be presented in cooperation with Art on the Beltline in Atlanta in June 2010. Please help us collect sounds and images of the Beltline throughout the month of June by downloading the free iPhone/iPod or Android app, registering for an account, and capturing and uploading sounds and images along the Beltline. Then come on June 26th for a free outdoor performance in which those sounds will be remixed. More info…

Urban Remix at City Centered

Urban Remix will be presented at the CIty Centered festival in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, June 11-13, 2010. More info…

Just Tristan at Schloss Solitude

I wrote a short piece for two pianos, Just Tristan, in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany. It will be performed at an anniversary concert in Stuttgart this summer. Stay tuned for more details. More info…

Glimmer with South Florida Youth Symphony

As part of a residency supported by Meet the Composer, I will be working with the South Florida Youth Symphony to perform Glimmer on May 15, 2010. More info…

Symmetries with Georgia Tech Wind Ensemble

The Georgia Tech Wind Ensemble played my band piece, Symmetries, at the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech on Thursday, April 15, 2010.

LOLC at Listening Machines

Some students of mine performed LOLC, a live-coding work for laptop ensemble, at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology's annual Listening Machines concert, at Eyedrum in Atlanta on Saturday, April 17, 2010. I created the piece in collaboration with my student Akito Van Troyer. More info…

LOLC with PlorK

I collaborated with my student Akito Van Troyer on a new live-coding work for laptop orchestra, LOLC, which was premiered by the Princeton laptop orchestra (PlorK) on April 3, 2010 at Princeton. More info…

Performance Today

My Piano Etudes was broadcast on public radio's classical music show, Performance Today, on January 15, 2010. The broadcast was of a performance by pianist Jenny Lin at Spivey Hall in Atlanta. Airing times vary with different public radio stations; check your local listings. Or you can also listen to the program at your convenience online. Click on the "listen" link for Hour 2 of the program; this piece starts about 32 minutes into the hour. The online stream is only available through January 22, 2010.) Happy listening!

Making New Waves / Music In the Global Village

I presented a paper on Graph Theory and Piano Etudes at the Music in the Global Village conference in Budapest, and Kathleen Supové performed my Piano Etudes as part of the Making New Waves festival there (all on December 11, 2009). More info on the festival and the conference.

Piano Etudes at Holy Cross

Pianist Lisa Leong performed my Piano Etudes on a concert at Holy Cross in Worcester, MA on November 5, 2009. More info…

Piano Etudes at The Stone

Kathleen Supové performed one of my Piano Etudes on a recital at The Stone in New York City on October 28, 2009. More info…

Graph Theory At ICMC

An installation version of Graph Theory will be featured at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Montreal, Canada, on August 18, 2009. More info…

Piano Etudes At An Die Musik

Jenny Lin performed Piano Etudes at An Die Musik in Baltimore, Maryland on May 8, 2009.

Piano Etudes At Strathmore

Jenny Lin performed Piano Etudes on a recital at Strathmore, just outside of Washington, DC, on May 7, 2009 at 7:30 pm. More info…

Piano Etudes at Passaic Public Library

Jenny Lin performed Piano Etudes on a recital at the Passaic Public Library in New Jersey on March 8, 2009 at 3:00 pm. More info…

Piano Etudes At Spivey Hall

Jenny Lin performed Piano Etudes on a free recital at Spivey Hall in Atlanta on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 7:30 pm. More info…

Piano Etudes At Corcoran Gallery

Jenny Lin performed Piano Etudes on a concert presented by the Verge Ensemble of the Contemporary Music Forum at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, on April 5, 2009 at 4 pm. More info…

Piano Etudes at Serial Underground

Jenny Lin performed my Piano Etudes at this monthly series curated by Composers Collaborative on Monday, February 9, 2009 at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York. More info…

Piano Etudes Online Launch

started February 9, 2009

An interactive web site for my new Piano Etudes invites visitors to create their own versions of each etude, share them online, and have them considered for use in future live performances of the work.

Piano Etudes at Austrian Cultural Forum

Jenny Lin and Chen Zimbalista performed some of my Piano Etudes on a concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum (11 East 52nd Street) in New York City on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 7:30 pm. The concert also features music by Carter, Rosauro, and Kampela.

The event is free but tickets are required; call 212-319-5300 or visit for details.

Arts Presenters Conference

I am speaking on a panel at the annual Arts Presenters conference in New York on Saturday morning, January 10, 2009. The topic is "Nurturing Creativity and Risk-taking in Our Changing Cultural Climate." More info…

iSAW Residency

September 26-28, 2008


Continuing my residency at iSAW in Miami, I worked with students at Miami's Design and Architecture high school and deploying a new web project, Sound Microscope, on iSAW's web site.

On Sunday, September 28th at the Light Box, I had an informal chat about my work and this new project, all to benefit iSAW and its activities. Full information available here.

Flock At ICMC

I presented a paper about Flock at the International Computer Music Conference, the morning of August 25, 2008, at the Sonic Arts Research Center, Queens University, Belfast, United Kingdom.

Graph Theory At SIGGRAPH

Graph Theory was part of the Slow Art exhibition at the SIGGRAPH conference, August 11-15, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Flock @ 01SJ

01SJ: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge

San Jose, California

June 5-7, 2008

Flock was performed by the Rova Saxophone Quartet at this festival. More info…

Spruill Art Gallery

Graph Theory was part of the Breaking New Ground exhibition at the Spruill Art Gallery in Dunwoody (outside of Atlanta) from May 8-July 5, 2008. The work was exhibited in the gallery and performed by violinist Helen Kim at a special event during the exhibition.

Bent Frequency

Pianist Lisa Leong of Bent Frequency performed the fourth movement of my Piano Sonata on May 6, 2008 in Atlanta. More info…

Networked Music Conference

Programmable Media II: Networked Music

Pace Digital Gallery, Pace University

New York, NY

April 11, 2008

I participated in this exciting conference organized by the Networked_Music_Review. I moderated one of the panel sessions and presented a performance of Flou along with my students Mark Godfrey and Andrew Beck. More info…

Classical Now at Spivey Hall

Classical Now at Spivey Hall

Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 @ 7:30 pm

free admission

Pianist Lisa Leong performed a movement of my piano sonata. More info...

Library Talk

As part of the Georgia Tech Library's Tuesday Talks series, I gave a lecture titled "Composer, Performer, Listener" on March 4, 2008. More info...

Spark Festival

Spark Festival

University of Minnesota

February 26 - March 2, 2008

Covey was installed at this festival. More info…

SCI National Conference

Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference

Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

February 20-23, 2008

Lisa Leong performed a movement of my piano sonata at this conference. More info…

Flou Launch

February 1, 2008

Flou, a new web-based work I have been developing in collaboration with students in my Networked Music course at Georgia Tech, launched on the Networked_Music_Review.

Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Stuttgarter Filmwinter

January 17-20, 2008

Stuttgart, Germany

Graph Theory was exhibited at this festival. More info…

Flock Premiere

Carnival Center for the Performing Arts

Miami, FL

December 6-8, 2007

(during Art | Basel | Miami Beach)

Flock was premiered in five performances at Carnival Center.

Lecture at Florida International University

Florida International University

Miami, FL

December 3, 2007

I gave a lecture, titled "Interactivity in Flock," to music technology students at FIU.

Coral Reef High School Workshop

Coral Reef High School

Miami, FL

December 3, 2007

In conjunction with the premiere of Flock at Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, I led a workshop with music students at Coral Reef High School.

iSAW Residency Lecture

iSAW Residency Lecture

Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, Peacock Education Center

December 3, 2007

In conjunction with my residency at iSAW, I gave a lecture titled "Interactivity in Flock." More info…


Graph Theory was exhibited at the UN_SPACE exhibition at Paraflows 2007 in Vienna, Austria, from September 13-23, 2007. More info…

60x60 New York Minutes

My electroacoustic miniature, What I Listen To, created with iTunes Signature Maker, was presented on this concert organized by Vox Novus.

60x60 (2006 / New York Minutes) 
Friday 8/3/07 at 7:00 PM 
Adelphi University, Garden City, Long Island, New York
Ruth S. Harley "University Center" Ballroom, 2nd floor

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)

June 6-10, 2007

New York University

New York, NY

I presented Graph Theory at this annual international conference on interfaces in computer music. I also gave a brief talk during the NIME@Columbia festivities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Columbia University Computer Music Center. More info...

Creativity And Cognition Conference

June 13-15, 2007

Washington, DC

I presented Graph Theory at this ACM conference. More info...

Flock Test Event

May 3, 2007

7 p.m.

Couch Building

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, Georgia

We gave an informal preview of Flock to a group of participants as part of the dorkbot-atl series.

Listening Machines 2007

Eyedrum Music and Art Gallery

Atlanta, GA

April 6, 2007

This annual showcase of works by music technology faculty and students returned to Eyedrum. Mark Godfrey, Liubo Borissov, and I presented an interactive multimedia installation titled "Covey," Liubo and I performed a live coding laptop audio / video improvisation titled "," and I exhibited Graph Theory. More info...

Dorkbot / Frank Gratkowski

March 8, 2007

7 p.m.

Couch Building

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, Georgia

German saxophonist Frank Gratkowski and Atlanta saxophonist Jan Berry Baker performed a short work using some of the same technology as Flock. More info...

Changing Tunes: Expanding Music Through Technology

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Georgia Tech

This symposium, sponsored by the Dean of the College of Architecture, brought together a variety of guests and Georgia Tech faculty (including myself) to discuss new directions in music analysis, performance, education, and architectural acoustics shaped by technology. More info...

GVU Brown Bag

March 8, 2007

12 p.m.

Technology Square Research Building

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, Georgia

As part of the seed grant we were awarded by the GVU Center, Frank Dellaert, Mark Godfrey, Dan Hou, and I gave a presentation about Flock. More info...

Spark Festival

University of Minnesota School of Music

February 20-25, 2007

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maja Cerar performed Graph Theory, and I presented a paper titled "Graph Theory and the Virtual Composer Residency" at this annual festival for electronic music and art. More info...


Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

7:30 p.m.

Georgia State's new music ensemble, Neophonia, performed Graph Theory. More info...

Serial Underground

February 12, 2007

Cornelia Street Cafe

New York City

This installment of CCi's eclectic new music series featured Maja Cerar performing Graph Theory and me doing some live-coding laptop improvisation. More info…

Classical Music Think Tank

Renaissance Center

Detroit, Michigan

February 9-10, 2007

I participated in this think tank about the future of classical music sponsored by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

Sonic Generator

Georgia Tech Alumni House

Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

8 p.m.

Georgia Tech's new ensemble in residence, Sonic Generator, performed Graph Theory. More info...

60x60 New York Minutes

January 18, 2007

William Patterson University

Wayne, New Jersey

What I Listen To was presented as part of this concert. More info...

The Upgrade International Festival

Oklahoma City

Dec 1-3, 2006

"D.I.Y. OR DIE: An Upgrade! New York, Turbulence, and Rhizome Net Art Exhibition" featured iTunes Signature Maker, Graph Theory, and N.A.G. at the IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City. I gave a related lecture, and there was a performance of Graph Theory featuring violinist Sarah Plum, as part of the festival. The exhibition is also available online at both Rhizome and Turbulence. More info…

60x60 New York Minutes

November 14, 2006

Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, New York

What I Listen To was presented as part of this concert. More info...

International Computer Music Conference

Tulane University

New Orleans, LA

November 6-11, 2006

I delivered a paper about iTunes Signature Maker. I was also involved in a studio report about the Music Technology Group at Georgia Tech and a mobile music demonstration by one of my graduate students, Travis Thatcher. More info...

Rhizome Commissions Exhibition

New York

October 24, 2006

Rhizome and the New Museum held an exhibition and celebration of the 2005-2006 commissions, which included iTunes Signature Maker. More info...

Graph Theory Launch

October 1, 2006

Graph Theory launched on

Perform.Media Festival

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana

September 29-October 1, 2006

I co-curated an exhibition, Mediation Station, at this festival with Rebecca Uchill. More info about the festival and the online version of the exhibition.

Dorkbot DC

Washington, DC

September 27, 2006

7 pm

I gave a talk about my new work, Graph Theory, at the DC chapter of Dorkbot. More info…

RWTH Lecture

July 27, 2006

Media Computing Group

RWTH University

Aachen, Germany

I gave a lecture to the group about my work.

Digital Art Weeks


Zurich, Switzerland

July 12-16, 2006

I will be giving a lecture about Glimmer. More info...

Sonar Festival

Barcelona, Spain

June 15-17, 2006

iTunes Signature Maker was exhibited at the Sonar festival as part of Michael Connor's "My Friends Electic" exhibition.


Akademie Schloss Solitude

Stuttgart, Germany

June 24, 2006

I performed a one-hour "live coding" laptop improvisation using the ChucK programming language.

CCRMA Colloquium

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Stanford University

Palo Alto, CA

May 9, 2006

Along with Phil Burk, I gave a lecture about Auracle.

CNMAT Colloquium

Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

May 8, 2006

I spoke about some recent projects.

UCSC Digital Arts and New Media Festival

UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA

May 6, 2006

I spoke on a panel at the Digital Arts and New Media Festival about algorithmic techniques in the arts.

Still Life

Chicago, IL

March 2006

The Bryngelson-Laughlin flute and guitar duo premiered Still Life in Chicago on a concert broadcast live from the studios of WFMT.


MegaBeat Festival

Hamabada Art Center

Jerusalem, Israel

March 25, 2006

Glimmer was performed at the MegaBeat Festival at the Hamabada Art Center in Jerusalem, Israel. I also discussed my work in a series of lectures and workshops during the festival, and Auracle was presented at a companion exhibition. Details here.

What I Listen To

Subtropics Festival

Miami, FL

March 4, 2006

This electroacoustic piece was presented as part of the annual marathon concert at the Subtropics festival.

Prior Art

Ensemble Surplus


Stuttgart, Germany

September 27, 2005

Ensemble SurPlus performed Prior Art in a concert on the "Die Riehe" series, co-presented by Akademie Schloss Solitude, Musik der Jahrhunderte, Forum Neues MusikTheater, and SWR.

International Computer Music Conference

Barcelona, Spain

September 4-9, 2005

I presented a paper on Glimmer and a demonstration of Auracle at this conference.

I also led a workshop on Networked Music, along with Ross Bencina, Alvaro Barbosa, and Scot Gresham-Lancaster; and I presented at a workshop on Feature-Driven Audio Editing organized by Adam Lindsay.

For more information, visit the conference web site.