“Composing’s one thing, performing’s another, listening’s a third. What can they have to do with each other?” —John Cage

My work as a composer and a computer music researcher creates new connections among composers, performers, and listeners, using technology to experiment with the ways in which we create, perform, hear, and learn about music.

Music Technology MOOC

My introductory music technology course is now available online via Coursera. This free online course covers music technology as a creative practice and a technical pursuit, with a focus on using the Reaper digital audio workstation software and the EarSketch music coding environment. It is an on-demand course, so you can take it any time and learn at your own pace.

To learn more and sign up, visit https://www.coursera.org/learn/music-technology/.

Online EP: Grow Old

Why can't music grow old with us?

"Grow Old" is a streaming EP that reflects upon the malleability of digital audio in a cloud-based musical world. The music, regenerated daily by a simple computer program, changes subtly from one day to the next and more dramatically over the course of weeks, months, and years. So just as we constantly bring new perspectives and experiences to the music we hear, the music itself also changes over time. The web site includes the current version of each of the EP's four tracks, extensive notes on each track, the computer source code used to generate each track, and subscription links to automatically receive new versions as a podcast.

"Grow Old" is a 2013 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence.org website. It was made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

See the project here: http://distributedmusic.gatech.edu/GrowOld/


EarSketch teaches computer science through music composition and remixing. No prior knowledge of either computer science or music is needed. With our free online curriculum and programming environment, you can quickly learn the basics of computer science, music, music technology, digital audio workstations, and Python or JavaScript programming while remixing an incredible collection of audio loops from Young Guru and Richard Devine or uploading your own audio clips.

Visit the EarSketch web site for more information and to get started.

TedX Talk

I spoke at TedX Georgia Tech about my work. Here's a video of the presentation.